Trimming Deburring Machine

After piercing, each pie needs to be deburred strictly, so that the burr in the stamping process can be controlled in the minimum range. Generally speaking, deburring is done twice in succession in foreign countries. In the automatic production line of sheet punching, two deburring machines are on-line. The deburring machine has roller grinding wheel type and belt type deburring machine. The main features of the latter are: fast rotation speed, up to 10-35 m/min, easy and fast replacement of abrasive belt, and adaptability to various shapes and thickness of stamping sheets. The quality of deburring belt is better than that of roller grinding wheel. The abrasive belt is laid on the rubber belt with spiral groove which rotates at high speed. The groove can prevent the abrasive belt from being polluted. The pressure of abrasive belt is controlled by compressed air. It keeps constant pressure and stops automatically when abrasive belt is damaged or other faults occur.

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