A machine for removing metal castings

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Incoterm: FOB
Min. Order: 2 Bag/Bags
Delivery Time: 120 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: SYL817

Casting Method: Special Casting

Casting Form Material: Metal

Casting Metal: Cast Steel

Casting Form Usage Count: Permanent

Surface Treatment: Polishing

Surface Roughness: Ra0.1

Machining Tolerance: +/-0.01mm

Standard: GB

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Hammering Frequency (0.6Mpa): 20Hz

Vibration Frequency: MAX.24Hz

Maximum Hair Embryo Size (length * Width * Height): 600*350*300mm

Maximum Effective Weight Of Castings (Containing Sand Core): 50kg

Total Power: ≤10kw

Compressed Air Consumption (0.6 Mpa): 375*2=750L/m

Compressed Air Pressure: MIN.0.6MPa

Compressed Air Inlet Size: 3/4 (minimum 1 In Main Line)inch

Total Weight Of Machine: 3800kg

Machine Outline Size: 2500*1800*1900mm

Additional Info

Packaging: wooden box package

Brand: Sheng Yuan Ji Xie

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: China (mainland)

Port: Da Lian Port,Qing Dao Port

Product Description

SYL817 series core remover is a kind of A machine for removing metal castings with advanced structure and high production efficiency. The sand removal efficiency is over 99%. It is mainly used for cleaning cylinder block, cylinder head,misalignment tube and sand core of some complex castings of aluminium alloy engine. According to the technological requirements of core removal of castings and the advantages of related equipment at home and abroad, the main structure makes its vibration and pendulum give full play to its effectiveness, makes its stress point and buffer point scientific and reasonable, and has sufficient strength and rigidity.

Product Features:

  • The machine is an integrated design with small floor area and beautiful appearance.
  • Special design of sound insulation room, 100mm thick, outer steel plate, middle sandwich sound insulation material, inner sound absorption board
  • It can effectively reduce the noise produced by hammering and protect the environment.
  • The front face is equipped with L-type automatic switch door, which can be manually loaded and unloaded, and also can be automatically loaded and unloaded with a manipulator. There is an observation window on the door, which can observe the internal working conditions at any time.
  • It has rear double doors and side doors to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the interior. All doors have safety interlocking devices, and all doors must be safely closed in place to start work.
  • The air hammer is supplied with oil by a special pulse lubricating oil pump, which can effectively lubricate the air hammer at high frequencies. The frequency and time of lubrication can be set on the interface, which is very convenient.
  • Infrared probe is used to detect the placement of castings. Without effective clamping of castings, the system can not start work, which makes the work safer and more reliable.
  • System pressure, air hammer working pressure, gripper working pressure and safety door working pressure can be manually adjusted. Pressure gauges outside the cabinet can be displayed separately and set to the optimum value according to the technological requirements. The system pressure and bag clamping pressure can be monitored by pressure sensor, and the system can not work beyond the prescribed range, which can ensure the safe operation of the system under effective pressure.
  • The operation box and the man-machine interface are located on the right side of the L-gate, which is easy to observe and operate. The operation is started by two hands button to prevent human error.
  • Setting up man-machine interface, its variable parameters can be displayed and observed on the interface, and can be set and adjusted, which is easy to operate.
  • Man-machine interface can store a variety of process procedures for different parts to choose and call.
  • Electrical cabinets, operating tables, junction boxes, etc. should be sealed to prevent sand and dust intrusion during sand blasting.

Our Services:

  • Provide customers with product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc.
  • Provide product design services:According to customer requirements, we can design and fabricate a variety of non-standard equipment to meet customer's actual production requirements.
  • One-year warranty period, in addition to providing warranty services within the warranty period, after the warranty period will provide lifetime paid maintenance services.

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